The Our Home Our Family program has changed our lives. Our adoptive/foster family has the best relationship and communication we have ever had.” 

--OHOF workshop participant


What is Our Home, Our Family?

The Our Home Our Family (OHOF) program is specifically written to strengthen foster and adoptive families through effective, research-based curriculum and support. This curriculum is designed specifically to be used by foster care and adoption agencies as a post-placement support that will help couples build relationship skills. Partnering with Our Home Our Family gives your organization:

  • High-quality, innovative modular designs

  • “Start-to-finish” curriculum materials

  • Companion DVDs that introduce each module and provide discussion points

  • Expert training for your staff

  • Professional, customized support for planning, implementation and resource gathering for
    gaining a competitive edge for grant-seeking

  • A curriculum based on decades of scientific research by Dr. John Gottman, the country’s
    leading expert in building strong and successful marriages, families and relationships.

The Our Home Our Family program provides your organization everything needed for successful
implementation. Contact us us today to learn how we can work with your organization.

Read the Executive Summary to learn more about the program and its outcomes.